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  • True Technology Innovation

    Ryan Lask

    Product Manager of Corporate System, TMX Finance

    Autoxloo is a company that truly encompasses technology innovation, easy of use, and is also a custom development shop.

    Autoxloo delivered an Auction Marketplace (bidding, buy it now, make an offer, etc.) in a very reasonable timeframe and a very reasonable budget. After this project was completed, beyond our expectations, we also hired them to create a multi-state/multi-dealership website.

    Out of the box, both solutions were mobile friendly and immediately increased our web traffic.

    Autoxloo is such a great partner since they take the time to understand the customers’ needs and also tailor the solution for the client. For example; they will train and teach you how to customize your website, and/or they will manage it for you for a very reasonable rate. This is very helpful if you have an IT or Marketing Department that gets bogged down and you are still looking for enhancements.

    Autoxloo’s backend software is very easy to use, plus it has analytics (traffic, heatmaps, visit duration, source, etc) included. If you are looking for additional content/contact management; there is also a CRM that can be linked to your custom site as well.

    Lastly, partnering with an existing DMS software is very easy with Autoxloo. We had an existing DMS that we were not interested in changing and Autoxloo was able to send/receive data feeds with hardly no setup from my point of view.

    If you are in the market for a true technology partner that understands the wholesale, dealer, auction, and inspection space – give Autoxloo a call.

    ProsTechnology portfolio – there are so many different products that Autoxloo has to offer. Some of my favorites are… VIR – vehicle inspection tool with rating. Walks the user around the unit, takes information and photos. At the end you have a ton of information about the unit, in a very user-friendly form (PDF, HTML, data feed, multi-site upload, etc) LVS – Live video streaming. Customers on your website can request to walk around the car – virtually. Gains confidence with your buyers with transparency. Listing tools – Autoxloo will list your units on multiple websites. Saves time and money by not having to have an employee spend all day on craigslist, OVE, etc… Auction Marketplace – list units in auction format. Really nice for units that we are wholesaling and want to drive up interest. Basically creating your own auction. Dealership site – professional, easy to use, and clear call to action dealership site. Can be multi-location, multi-state, etc. This can also link to their CRM for full content/contact management. You can customize the site (in MAP 2.0) or have them make your edits. Making changes to the site is easy as drag and drop, plus you will receive training. This is a non-coders dream!

  • Experts In Marketplace Auctions Thanks To Autoxloo


    Nevada, Las Vegas

    We have been in car dealership business for twenty-five years and for ten years we’ve been working with Autoxloo. We are glad we’ve purchased MAP system and now are experts in Marketplace auctions. Marketplace is an auction generator and a platform for your profit. You can’t emphasize strong and weak sides of it as you won’t find any disadvantages here. The interface is very good. Videos, big format images are not a problem for your vehicle profile. We use the portal on our mobiles and tablets even on the go. Bidding possibilities here are everything you need for different auctions which makes sense in the auction itself. We like proxy bidding most as we can set up the bid increment before the auction start which is very convenient for our business model. VIR and LVS options lifted our rating heaven high because they are client-oriented tools and proved their efficiency in different countries of the world. Cooperating with other auctions like SmartAuction adds views and thus customers to your inventory.

    We surely recommend Autoxloo Marketplace for its top quality options, interesting solutions, friendly and productive live chat and, of course, the most effective products.

  • Excellent Rate For Autoxloo Team And Their Marketplace Platform


    Oregon, Portland

    Marketplace platform developed by Autoxloo is the product I’ve been using and I’m very pleased with it. I’ve been with them for seven years already and can compare the guys with many I had worked with before. I sell my cars on the auction and I should say the conditions Autoxloo platform offers for auction dealers are the best and most effective. Five-ten years ago detailed description and good pictures of your vehicle were enough for successful, profitable sale, but now when dealer market is overfilled and you have to compete, even fight for every client only innovative hi-techs can separate you from the crowd. So Vehicle Inspection Report, Live Video Streaming, integrated CRM, etc. are just a part of this powerful and multi functional system that separated me from other dealerships and helped me win the customers. For seven-year work with Autoxloo my client database has extended in four times, car sales have increased in five times and my dealership website has reached the ninth position in the search engine results in the US. I think it is success. My rate is excellent for Autoxloo team and their Marketplace platform.

  • Autoxloo Marketplace Platform Cares About My Customers


    Texas, Houston

    I’ve been running my dealership business for three years now and I’m glad that my start was Autoxloo. Their Marketplace platform made me change my business line for good. I started to sell my cars for a fixed price, but after purchasing Autoxloo Marketplace platform I decided to become an auction. With the complete bidding platform it was a new, but easy step to make as pricing, proxy bidding, live bidding, make offer, buy now, reserve price and other options are very helpful even for a new comer. With auction style my business grew, a number of clients increased and car deals became more frequent and profitable for me. When I tried AuctionLink my cars appeared on SmartAuction, OVE, and Adesa auctions which added me visits, views and sales. Vehicle Inspection Report with grading was a great tool to push me up because such detailed reports with high grades my cars got promoted my business further on. Live Video Streaming allowed my managers to showcase the cars to the customers from other countries, even the overseas giving me a status of international dealership. But my biggest pleasure is that Autoxloo Marketplace Platform cares about my customers, too. Bidder history, countdown timer, extended time and other options were developed for the user’s ease. So I recommend Auction Marketplace Platform to all car dealers who have been in this business for years and who just make first steps in it. You will only benefit.

  • VIR Is Very Important Resource


    New York, Albany

    I have just started working with Autoxloo, but what I like about it is its efficiency, unique solutions for my business and fast reaction to any issue. I would describe VIR very important resource. My business has bettered since I got it. The sales have increased from 5 to 15 times! What I am sure about is that my customers will see the car from all its sides and get the best report on every part. That’s why my site visits went up from 20 to 55 per day. Cars are being sold faster and for a bigger price than before as the customers can see and compare not only the exterior and interior of the car, but the condition of its every detail. My suppliers choose the cars for sale more carefully now. I get the reputation of the best car dealer in the area. I would strongly encourage car dealers to have VIR for their business.

  • VIR Is Something We’ve Been Waiting For a Long Time


    Missouri, Kansas City

    I have known Autoxloo since 2005 and their latest development VIR is something we’ve been waiting for a long time. Your car is inspected and reported from up to down, from left to right and vice versa. You can get the fullest report on the tires, mechanics, paint, frame, everything. I didn’t meet such things before. Damage cost is also innovative. Now my client doesn’t have to calculate the repair cost or labor hours for a right rear wheel, for instance. Such minor thing as key availability is also at place. It signals that VIR cares about all you need. One of the important aspects is the ability to give your clients detailed additional information like taxi use, police use, stolen, accident and repaired, etc. which forms the thought in customer’s mind whether to buy or not. It saves a lot of time. Thanks Autoxloo for this!

  • Our Clients Are Happy And That’s the Best Evaluation



    We started to cooperate with Autoxloo since we made a decision to sell our vehicles on the auction. It’s so profitable to be their client as they solve all your problems for you. Their newest feature Vehicle Inspection Report fits us perfectly for its work with auctions. You just fill out the information about your vehicle, get VIR report with grading and it is attached to your inventory. Very comfortable for your customers to have all information and to be sure that the vehicle was inspected. When the clients come to our dealership our managers print the reports out which is also a big thing to have this service. Our sales have grown up in 3 times with VIR reporting. Our clients are happy and that’s the best evaluation. We recommend Autoxloo Vehicle Inspection Report to everyone who deals with car auctions.

  • Autoxloo Is the Company With Nonstandard Way of Thinking


    Washington, Seattle

    I have worked with Autoxloo for seven years and can recommend it to those dealers who want to get the best for their websites, clients and vehicles. Autoxloo is the people with nonstandard way of thinking who break web traditions every day and every minute. When I got VIR tool I needed to customize the grading. They did a complete customization the best way in the shortest time. Then I needed to rename the vehicle parts. And again they did it very quickly and the way I wanted. My sales have improved much thanks to Autoxloo. I’m surely happy to have the guys in my team. Wishing you great projects, grateful clients and of course remain the best in your sphere.

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