Mobile Apps

Dealer Management Software Solutions

Autoxloo offers a complete dealer management system, to effectively showcase your vehicle inventory on the Internet.

All Autoxloo products are integrated with a single user login, allowing you to easily update your inventory and manage your dealership Internet marketing program.

Autoxloo Mobile Apps give you access to your inventory and empower you to manage it by using only your mobile device.

Anytime, anywhere you can easily interact with your customers, stream your vehicles, edit, upload or delete the data, run the auction, schedule your tasks, meetings, and calls, handle your leads and much more with just a few clicks!


Autoxloo Vehicle Inspection Report™ (VIR™) app is an excellent mobile solution for those who need an authorized and exact vehicle inspection and report on the car condition. You can provide the most detailed specifications, descriptions, photos, videos, reports, etc. for your vehicle and get a colored grading for its every part or area. A final grade is a standard value acknowledged with the top online auctions.

Live Video Streaming™

Live Video Streaming™ (LVS™) is the next evolutionary solution in lead conversion for both automotive and commercial truck dealers. It enables a sales person to provide a live video tour of any vehicle available at the dealership. You can also increase your service absorption rates by showing the customers all additional repairs that have been made for a vehicle. You can save your customer’s time and cancel the need to make an additional trip to your dealership.

Live Video Streaming™

SimCasts™ MPS

Use the Autoxloo SimCasts™ app to rise up your auction sales! Now you can showcase your vehicle to the customer live in real-time despite of the time and distance between you! Give a possibility for online bidders to view the lot in its best light and to make a quick decision on its purchase at the last minutes of the auction time. You can easily adjust the application settings for the best quality of your video presentation.

CRM DMS Mobile™

Autoxloo CRM™ (Customer Relationship Management) DMS Mobile app gives you all possibilities to guide and control your work with the clients. Manage your leads, accounts and contacts, schedule your calendar, tasks, meetings, and calls anywhere and anytime on the go. Take an advantage of the possibilities of Complete Customer History, Personalized Client Experience, Efficient Lead Queue, Convenient central database, and many more from the start to the close.


With the Slingshot™ app you can quickly and easily upload your vehicle inventory right from a mobile device, add video and photos, provide the vehicle history and many more. VIN scanning capability will free you from the necessity to enter the VIN code figures manually. All the data uploaded with Slingshot™ Mobile is synchronized with our DMS system. With the Slingshot™ application the Mobile Inventory Management is now easier for you than you may think!

Webxloo Chat™ & Live Help

Be ready to interact with your customers on the go by using only your desktop app or mobile device! With our Webxloo Chat™ answer questions and gather information from your customers for a more effective customer service and level up your support service quality.

Quick Upload Wizard™

Quick Upload Wizard™ (QUW) app gives you a good possibility to upload the vehicle inventory to your website in some simple steps by using only your mobile device. Just visit our website, scan the QR code and download QUW application. No additional tools, efforts or time are required. Make profit of the simplicity, comfort and friendliness of Autoxloo QUW application!


Legal compliance is one of the most important things dealers are faced with today. Keep your dealership in check and maintain all safety rules to avoid unnecessary investigations and fines that can cost you up to R85,000 per failure. Autoxloo’s compliance program is designed to help you easily control these failures and keep your dealership 100% safe and functioning as it should. The FTC has indicated that dealerships are fully responsible for all inappropriate actions of their employees. Train your entire staff to do business so they do not rely on their own understanding of doing business the way it’s always been done.

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