Our Success at SAAW

We are happy to announce that our team joined South African Automotive Week (SAAW) on the14th-16th of October 2014, and we absolutely achieved SUCCESS! It was a great opportunity not only to share experience with other dealerships and dealers; also to demonstrate a solid team work and to bring products & services to the whole other level.

attended SAAW show! Autoxloo realized a lot of vital opportunities of joining SAAW: an exceptional potential of meeting new people, setting up numerous appointments & presenting products & services:

We were really pleased to notice that feedback from our partners and distributors was very positive. Thanks for this meeting we access people’s needs and expectations on the automotive area. Autoxloo’s staff can help to select and use technology solutions and satisfy clients’ requirements. In addition, sales and support staff are extensively trained and can provide you with the highest level of service. Remember, our 24/7 support team
is just a phone call away!
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